Safer Stops. Safer Lives

Uniting Minds, Sharing Vision and Resources: Uplifting Well-being, Boosting Road Safety for South Africa's Commercial Drivers.

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Health and Wellness Initiatives: Provide access to tailored resources and support for maintaining physical and mental health.

Improving the State of Truck Stops: Set an industry benchmark for the standardisation of truck stop facilities, infrastructure and overall support of truck drivers.

Education and Development: Offering opportunities for drivers to enhance their skill and knowledge, using new technologies.

Public Awareness Campaigns: The launching of campaigns that bring awareness to the challenges that truck drivers encounter, daily.

Research and Data Collection: Conducting Research on truck driver welfare, working conditions, and industry trends to inform policies and programmes.


As the bedrock of the logistics industry and wider economy, truck drivers perform an essential role and should be considered an essential worker. Their tireless efforts power our communities, and it's our turn to give back. At SaferStops, our dedication is unwavering - to elevate the facilities, infrastructure, and resources that these crucial workers rely upon, with an unerring focus on fostering safer truck stops.


We take a proactive stance, aiming to form partnerships with existing truck stop owners, government, and influential leaders within the logistics industry . Our goal is twofold. First, to amplify the resources currently available to drivers, enhancing their comfort, safety, and wellbeing. Second, to act as a catalyst, influencing the future growth and evolution of the sector.


Our aspirations reach further than merely improving the safety conditions for truck drivers. Our vision encompasses a wider sphere, aiming to foster an environment that contributes to the enhancement of overall road safety. We envision a future where every journey is safer, for every road user.


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